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Cape Town 23 May 2008A foreign migrant with his suitcase/belongings leaves a shantytown for safer place. He passes the dead body of a Mozambican lying on the side of the road. According to police the Mozambican was killed in a hit and run car accident. Following xenophobic attacks and violence which started in Johannesburg and spread to Cape Town, thousands of migrants fled from black townships after being threatened and/or attacked by locals. Residents of poverty stricken townships around the country accuse the foreign migrants of ‘stealing their jobs and women’ and being involved in crime. Several million African refugees and migrants (most of them Zimbabwean but many from Congo, Mozambique and elsewhere) fleeing political and economic instability in their home countries, have made their homes in South Africa and Cape Town, seeking a safer and better life. Up to 20 000 have been displaced in Cape Town and are being sheltered in community halls, tent towns, holiday resorts etc until